Living The #Lockdown Life

Living a Normal Life During a Pandemic

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Living a Fun Life with Fizz During the Lockdown

Unless you’ve been living under a rock during 2020, you’ve probably had your daily routine seriously compromised by COVID-19. In simple terms, the Coronavirus totally sucks. We’ve all had our lives impacted by this virus, and we’re all adhering to severe restrictions in our movements and interactions with friends and family. There have been horrific and unexpected deaths, and heroes in the NHS working tirelessly to prevent as many as they can.  

Suddenly, we’re worried about going for a leisurely walk in our local park, visiting loved ones, or doing something as simple as grocery shopping in case it is breaking social distancing protocols. We are concerned about being less than 2 metres from another human being, and only buying what’s essential in our weekly shop. We find ourselves using delivery services for food and other items more than ever. 

As difficult as these times are, we wanted to write something positive. We wanted to talk about how we can all connect better during this epidemic, stay positive, help where needed, and even have a little fun! It will end and it will get better!

1. Using apps to connect to family and friends

Though we’re all physically unable to go for that after work drink with our colleagues, or celebrate someone’s birthdaythere is the possibility to do so virtually. There are Android and IOS free apps designed to handle a larger number of people virtually for video and audio chats. Make the most of technology while dressed in PJs and having a glass of fizz in your own home! The Fizz Republic team has attended numerous digital happy hours, and we think it’s a trend that may continue long after this pandemic is behind us!

2. Sending a thoughtful gift

Who doesn’t love getting something cool in the mail? Whilst we can’t visit friends and family at the moment, that doesn’t stop us from sending them something awesome to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or just the fact that you miss them. Mail order retailers like Fizz Republic can send something tasty to your friends and loved ones, and put a smile on their faces during this otherwise gloomy period. We’d recommend a Dorset Nectar Cider Explorer Pack, because who wouldn’t want to receive 6 amazing ciders to sip cozied up on the couch.

3. Offering to help in your local community

Whilst adhering to social distancing, you can still do some serious good by donating cans and other food items to food banks. There are people out there who have lost their jobs, are struggling financially, or are simply in need who will appreciate your kindness. Besides donations, there are many other ways you can volunteer to help, so do what you can! Your community needs you!

Cheers from the Fizz Republic team.

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