Best Sparkling Wine Cocktails For Easter

Best Sparkling Wine Cocktails For Easter

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We love Easter! Religious or not, it’s another reason to get the family together to celebrate, eat, and enjoy fizz! This year will be a bit different mind you, with social distancing in place due to the coronavirus. 

So, whether you’re trying to impress your partner, your digital drinking buddies, or perhaps yourself this Easter, these sparkling cocktails are sure to please! Oh, and as with all delicious things, don’t be afraid to reuse these for the summer months!

Top Three Sparkling Wine Cocktails Perfect For Easter

The classic Mimosa. A simple sparkling cocktail that’s easy to prepare. This sparkling bevvy makes a perfect Easter brunch cocktail. The basic Mimosa is made from 2 base ingredients, orange juice and Champagne (or any other sparkler). You can also add triple sec in case you want something with a bit more punch. In that case, just make sure to add the fizz at the end of the process. Since you add the bubbles last, there is no need to give it a stir. Enjoy.  🙂

Kir Royal is an incredibly famous Champagne cocktail due to its rich and complex fruity combination of Champagne and Creme De Casis. Even though the name screams luxurious, it’s actually pretty easy to prepare. Simply add 1/2 oz. of Creme De Cassis liqueur in your sparkling wine glass. You’ll be pleased to hear that you can create a Kir Royal from other types of sparkling wines as well, so no need to always reach for the Champers.

One of the most time-tested sparkling cocktails is, of course, the Classic Champagne Cocktail. This drink comes in different variations, but our favourite remains the combination between Angostura bitters (a concentrated bitters based on gentian, herbs and spices) and Champagne. On top of those 2 basic ingredients, you should add 1 cube of sugar. Cheers!

Cheers from the Fizz Republic team.

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